[Business Expanding] Refond Opto Korea, Co., Ltd. Signing Ceremony
Date : 2018-11-06
The chairman of SHENZHEN REFOND OPTOELECTRONICS CO LTD, Mr. Gong Weibing and the chairman of JinsungPrism Co., Ltd, Mr. Richard Park, met at REFOND OPTOELECTRONICS SHENZHEN Headquarters and confirmed ...
Globalization Extension: Refond International Subsidiaries Signing Ceremony
Date : 2018-11-06
In January 2018, Signing ceremonies have been held in Refond Shenzhen headquarter with Agencies from Tokyo, Japan and Yazd, Iran respectively. With vision on building strategic cooperation as well as ...
2017 Ningbo Ruikang Filament Product Line Expansion News
Date : 2018-11-06